The Hilarious Rabbir Hunt

Getting out of our cars on a clear cold day, we came together to discuss our hunt. “Guys when we move out and go through this pine forest we form a straight line. Remember to stay sprayed out and yell to each other to keep our line straight so no one will be shooting toward each other.”

We were having a lot of fun hollering and telling jokes back and forth and jumping a rabbit once in a while with no success. During our telling I noticed one person was missing, and to protect the innocent, we will call this person Harry Duck.  I yelled out, “Harry where are you? You need to be back on line.”  He replied, “I can’t, my false teeth dropped out of my mouth and I can’t find them.” Boy! That brought a chorus of loud laughter  throughout the woods.

Well, so much for the hunt, so we all trooped back to help Harry find his teeth. We didn’t mind giving up the hunt too much because we had fun and a good laugh. Poor Harry! We held that over his head for years to come. You know, I don’t think Harry learned his lesson because I heard he and his wife went on a cruise and while standing at the rail Harry had his mouth open and his false teeth fell out and into the ocean. Folks,rabbit so help me this is a true story. The moral of the story is that we should hold on to that thing we need most of all.

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One Response to The Hilarious Rabbir Hunt

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Like it Geno. RK

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