It was a beautiful day to travel to Kanawha State Forest located in beautiful West Virginia. The roads are always curvy but there is a lot to see along the way. Driving through the forest on cool shaded roads, I thought for sure I may get some photos of the birds located there. Ah! Finally found a good parking area, so I pulled off the road and parked under a cluster of tall trees. I got out of the car and got the surprise of my life. There were tiger striped butterflies in the air and all over certain spots on the ground.

I never found out what the attraction was that drew these beautiful creatures to these different spots. The more I studied on this, my conclusion was the correlation between not only these creatures, but all life. All of nature needs two things, one is a watering hole and the other is good food.

All people need these same things, and we in America have an abundance of all of them. Always, my train of thought goes toward people’s spiritual needs, and I wonder where they get their refreshing drink and eat their spiritual meat. Do you have a special place that meets your need? I hope we all don’t settle for less than what God desires for us. Be Blessed and give a Blessing.butterfly group

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