“Are you going to play golf again with your friend at the office?” my wife said as she sat on the sofa reading.”Yes, he should be calling pretty soon.” Just as I said that the phone rang and I picked up it up and said, “Hey guy, you about ready to go?”  “Gene, Jack called and I’m going to play golf with him today, OK?” Sure, that’s fine, you guys go ahead and have a good time.”

A little disappointed, sure; and I used to get really upset when that happened. Over the last several years, I’m just learning to let it go, because God has been showing me that people come into our lives sometimes for a while and then drift out again. It’s not that both parties did anything wrong, it’s just time for us to go our separate ways. When this happens I’ve learned that both of us have walked away, each one taking good memories and hopefully gained some wisdom from each other.

When a person comes into our lives, it is a good time to minister to one another and share our faith in God. Our moments may be short or may endure into a lasting fellowship. If not,  ask God to take him to where he’s supposed to be, and pray that he reaches the calling  God has for his life. Each time we meet someone we most always gain new insight. Pray I will continue allowing God to soften my heart for Him and whatever lies ahead.

Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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