Instinctive Shooting

Many years ago as a teenager I heard of a man named Lucky McDaniel, who wrote a book on instinctive shooting. Interested, I went down to my local library and found this very thin book. Taking it home, I began to read about this unusual man’s life and his approach to shooting. After reading through his book two, or maybe three times, I went next door and borrowed my friends BB gun.

  There was a good-size open field across the road from my home, so it was a pretty safe area. The BB gun was fully loaded. I fired BB’s into the air to get the feel of the gun and watched to see how the BB’s traveled. I threw a pop can into the air and hit it. Then I used  a quarter, nickel and penny, hitting each one. Finally I used a dime. After shooting the dime I lost it in the grass, so that ended my shooting coins.

  Over the years I have used a BB gun, 22 cal. rifle and the shotgun. I liked shooting trap and occasionally would hunt crows. I’m saying all of this not for me, but to honor Mr. McDaniel. Without his book I doubt  I ever could shoot anything out of the air. We all need to realize there are always a few other people that can do all these things better, much better in fact, than we can. I’m just glad doing this little bit. I hope a few you will check out this book and experience the joy of learning a new technique. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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One Response to Instinctive Shooting

  1. GloriB says:

     We  both thought this would be a good read…..but the library doesn’t have a copy……..thanks for sharing…VERY interesting….

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