The Forest (Thoughts of a Simple Man)

phstom of the woodsThe forest is a beautiful place that is a living, breathing organism we can enjoy and yet learn from. When I take a few steps into the forest I usually stop in the shadow of the first tree I come to and remain as still as possible. First, I look to see what is moving and learn to categorize movement, such as a leaf stirred by a light wind. It may be a squirrel on the ground, a bird moving in a tree. I watch to see how they interact, and how they react to a noise and listen to their response. I listen to the different sounds of birds and animals. Is it a happy sound or one of danger – a snort of a deer, bark of a squirrel, or of birds taking sudden flight. Practice awareness, and a sensing of movement while in the woods.

When we use every God-given gift that’s within us we can enjoy life in greater measure. As you go to the beach, or walk the woods, or climb to a mountain top, use the knowledge and awareness that God has given us to enjoy what He has created, and give God your highest praise. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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One Response to The Forest (Thoughts of a Simple Man)

  1. Jeanne says:

    This was so beautiful. Read this to Tim, we enjoyed it so much.

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