The Quest

As a boy growing up, my dream was to play in the big leagues as a pitcher. Going into high school, my plans were still looking good, as one day I went to practice with a semi-pro team. I injured my arm that day and that dream was gone.

Unknown to me, God had a different, much longer road for me to travel. He led me to the Post Office where I worked  and found a young college girl who was working there that summer.  We were married, and two small additions were added to our lives in a good looking baby boy and a beautiful little girl. While serving in my wife’s home church, God turned our lives onto a new road while visiting  my sister-in-law’s church. I came face to face with the Holy Spirit and gave up my life to Christ that day. Well, God led us to a  new church which was just getting started and a Pastor who was walking by faith.

I prayed every Sunday morning in that pastor’s office during Sunday school, and after he taught  a class he would come up to his office and we would talk for a few minutes until it was time for morning worship service. Like a dry and thirsty desert, I was trying to soak up what he was trying to teach me. After moving to another church and his retiring from the ministry we would bump into each other at some type of activity. I did and always will address him as pastor, because even though retired, his calling should always be honored and respected.

Thank you pastor for the years we walked together and your helping guide my footsteps on this new path God has placed before me.


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