Running To Win

Sitting here in my chair late this evening, and looking back over time and many years, I recall a morning in boot camp for our last test to graduate, when the voice of my platoon Sargent got my attention. “Holstein, I want you to stay with this soldier and make sure he finishes this mile run.” This soldier had failed before and was recycled through this part of boot camp again, at least I had never seen him before until this day. So I stuck with him and when I saw him begin to slow down I did my best to encourage him.  “Come on, pick it up, you only have one more lap to finish and you’ve come too far to quit now.” At last we crossed the the finish line, and boy, he was all smiles.

This is what we are supposed to do every day in this life. When we see a brother or sister showing signs of quitting, giving up or just being discouraged, let’s give encouragement and a word of hope. If we all will do this, we can all make it to God’s finish line. It will be worth it all to hear God say, “Well done my child.” Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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