The Fires Within

In the early years of my life between the age of six and thirteen, I enjoyed the winter snows. The home of my youth was located on a dead-end street and we were the last house on the street, right up against the school’s chain link fence. We would take our sleighs and walk down to the low gap of the road and then walk up the steep part of the hill to the very top. Boy! I can remember taking two fast steps, leaping on the sled, and flying like the dickens down the steep hill going through the low gap and up all the way to the school fence. The ride was fast, cold and exciting.

  Most of all, the best part was spending time standing around the old rusted steel barrel with  fire that we kept going. Everyone would be trying to talk at the same time wanting to tell their story about riding down the hill. The companionship and friendships that were built standing around that barrel still last to this very day.

Today, years later, I have entered a new part of my life with new brothers, not sleigh riding, but in the place of prayer. The fires that we had built in our youth were to warm us on the outside. Now as my new brothers and I gather around the altar,  prayer is lifted up for the church, the nations and Holy Ghost revival. This is the call and purpose that ties us all together in fellowship with Christ Jesus. This is the fire that burns within us on the inside. May we all allow Christ to have full ownership of our hearts and submit to Him alone. Always Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.



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