The Late Hour

As I sit alone, the hour is late and the house is quiet. I say to my heart, “Be still my heart and know that He is God.” My heart and mind are as though they are never resting. There is much to think about, even today, as I was driving down the road words seem to float up out of my spirit and say “I’m going to end this world soon.” Now no man knows the hour or the day of His return only God himself. But one thing we have been told, is to watch and pray. My heart burns within me when I see what the devil is stealing from people and ruining lives in the process. I do have compassion, and yet there is a heaviness of heart that takes me to prayer even more. Let’s not despair but overcome, my friend, because I know God is always in control and that should be enough to keep us all praying on. For Christ has already won the victory at the cross. Even in this late hour my heart rejoices, knowing that by the blood and the word of our testimony, we are victorious over this world. I will keep praying with all prayer and supplication unto my Lord. He alone will come and meet with us even in this late hour. My anticipation of my Lord coming, tells me to watch and pray in all things. Hold on my friends and be watchful lest we are found sleeping at our post of duty.

My Lord, help us to have on our heart those things that are on your heart and renew a right spirit within us. Remember Christ in the garden, when He asked, “Will you pray with me at least one hour?”


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