The Hyde

  “Come’n daddy, you said we could go out in the woods today.” My youngest daughter was up and ready for that promised walk. She was only about seven years old, and she liked doing things with her dad. We ran and jumped in the car and off we went down the road. “How far is it daddy, will it take very long?”

  “It usually takes about twenty minutes sugar,so just a few more minutes and we will be there.” Arriving at the place, I found a wide spot along the road to pull off. We climbed through the gated fence and started up a logging road. We could not ask for a better day, early afternoon, and the sun was warm  as we walked up the road.

    Entering the woods, I had already picked out a nice spot in advance. It was part way up a hill side, and there was a good flat area that could not be seen from the road nor anyone standing on top of the ridge above. Arriving there, the big oak was still in the same position, broken over at about  a forty-five degree angle. “Let’s find some long sticks to lay against the tree to form the hyde.” It took a little while to find enough to do the job. We found enough thin, slender branches to begin weaving through the sticks to help lock them in place.

   “Looking good, baby, but we are going to stop and come back another time to finish the hyde. Mom is going to expect us back for an early supper,” I explained to my daughter. “Even though we had a lot of fun, the forest still belongs to God. We should be able to find enough broken limbs around on the ground that we don’t need an ax to cut the branches, because it hurts the trees.”

   “When we finish using the hyde, we will take it apart and lay all the stuff we used back on the ground, and that way the woods will still look as good as when we first came in to build the hyde. No one will ever know that we were here, and that’s being a good steward of what God has shared with us. Any where we go, grocery store, or shopping mall if we see food or clothing on the floor, we should pick it up so the place we’ve been will still look clean.”

  Be Blessed and have a great new year.

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