At Last

The day is here. Winter is fading away and change is on the wind. As I stand before the entrance into the forest, it’s as if there is before me a door to step through. A great forested cathedral awaited me, knowing only God could create such awesome beauty, and yet possess such quiet power.

  I stand and wait at the door. We have been trained to trust the senses and those I will use as I begin my travel. With much time spent in  the forest, I also use two other methods, and that is sensing movement on the wind and the vibrations that are stirred around me.

  It is a great day. The wind is gentle enough and yet warm on the face. The crocuses are up, the tulip trees are in bloom. Hearing the sound of the hawk and seeing a pair of them gliding on the wind, I know it’s mating time again among the birds and animals while spring abounds with new life. Yes! At last, but the best part is, it’s a new beginning! Be Blessed.

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One Response to At Last

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I like it Geno, I feel very similarly.

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