I was born in  a small home in West Virginia on a dead end street, christened Eugene Danny Holstein. I made no impression on any one except my parents and my God. I believe they all looked upon that small bundle of joy and said this is good. I don’t remember those first years,  but I guess I was glad to be out of diapers. Across the road from my home was a small mountain covered with trees as far as I could see. I would go there about everyday and no one told me not to. I always had the freedom to go out and into the woods.

  With mom and dad’s guidance, I made it through grade, junior and high school, gratefully without any hangups. I attribute it to God and my parents and the freedom they gave me to choose what friends to make. I know their influence played a big part, but it was my choice to make, good or bad. I believe the freedom I was given and the time to spend in the forest helped me to think, sort things out and make decisions.

   I have learned freedom was given to me on Calvary. With freedom also comes responsibility. Freedom is not about what country or place you live in. One can be a slave to a tyrant or a bad habit and both those things are bad. The worst condition to be in, is to be imprisoned in the mind.

    When we believe in our hearts and minds, knowing who we are and where we are going, this is freedom. Keep it, treasure it, and do not give it away to anyone or to anything, nor any cause, unless it’s the cause of Christ. Remain free, blessed and a blessing.eagles

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2 Responses to Freedom

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Again, really like it Geno. Rob K

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