Seeing The Unseen

“What do you say old man? You can see the unseen. I don’t believe it.” I know they say we only have two eyes in our head. By my count there are three more, and that would be the heart, soul, and mind. That is why the word tells us that we need a renewing daily. Remember when as a child in bed, you would tell your mom, ” I can’t go to sleep”? Sometimes your mother probably  would say, close your eyes and count sheep jumping over the fence. She also had seen sheep when as a little girl going to sleep. Tell the truth now, haven’t you sat down on a cold day and in your mind watched the waves going in and out and think, I wish I was at the beach.

   For me I see the forest and the paths that are dark and shadowy, like the aisles in a theater, only my movie is not on a screen. I don’t have to look for a seat around a lot of people and climb over their feet. I will just walk over and sit under a tree and watch a real 3D screen open before my eyes, watching God’s creation move before me in real life.

   Do you want to see real action adventure? I recommend the best seller of all time, it’s called the Bible. Really? You knew I was going to say that? Why not! David fought the giant Goliath, and how about the three men thrown into a fiery furnace. Let those stories run through your mind, and there are a whole lot more just as good. These will you a clearer picture of who God is.

    The best parts always come toward the end of the book. It tells about Christ being beaten, Christ dying on a cross, and  when He comes alive and walks away from the grave. I don’t know what He said. What do you think? Something like, no more graves for me, I’m going back to my Father, and where I am, my people will follow me. Believe me, it’s all there for the reading, and when you believe, you will see. Be Blessed



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One Response to Seeing The Unseen

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I like it Geno. Rob K

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