Win Or Lose? So What? It’s A Game

As a kid growing up, we played all kinds of games. We loved playing the games as friends together. Laughter and good-natured kidding was a part of it, for we just enjoyed playing the games.

   I played little league, pony, and colt leagues and oh, yes high school baseball. They tried to drum into us that winning was the only thing that mattered. I’ve played on losing and winning teams, but it didn’t matter to me. I just enjoyed playing the game. Playing to me was not so much  winning, but how much I was improving daily, finding my weak points and working to improve them.

   When I shot in rifle Army matches, I was not competing against others. I was shooting against myself to see how well I was doing. If I felt that I was getting better, then win or lose, I was happy because I knew I was improving. That, my friends is where the truth is – in knowing I was better than the last time I played. Pitching, shooting hoops, or shooting a rifle, have fun and do the best you can.

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