When as a child I thought as a child, dreamed as a child. As a child, as most children do,  we had a fantasy world we played in. Our dreams took us to far lands, marching through steaming jungles or fighting Indians on some western plain. Some, even today, still carry this hidden world and relive those dreams through western or other adventure novels.

   I enjoy a good western or covert action book while relaxing in my easy chair with a glass of cold tea to drink. Until the day came that I was confronted with reality. Christ stepped into my life and heart and I put aside childish dreams and as a man, began to think as a man. His plans gave me a future and purpose. Things the Lord has done in and through me boggles my mind. None of the novels I have read can even come close to the adventures I’ve had walking with Christ.

   I don’t try anymore to figure out what happens through prayer  when He reaches into a persons heart. Walking by faith and trusting Him is enough to boggle the mind. Like people still say, “I’ve never seen it done this way before.” Trust and obey and just be happy in Jesus. Yes and amen! Trust and obey. Welcome to the real world and be blessed.

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2 Responses to Musings

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Yes and Amen! Rob K

  2. godselfie says:

    Love this post! Especially this “i don’t try anymore to figure out what happens…” Renee

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