Ever since I was a small boy, I have heard people recite their stories. Everyone, from a child to the oldest, we all have our stories. The hard part for all of us is trying not to embellish our telling of the story. We’ve told them so much they become easier to tell with time. Even as a boy I have loved hearing old men rehearse the same stories. There may come a time my grandchildren will want to hear my stories. I hope they will know when I’m pulling their leg or when I am telling a true one. These writings are mostly all true events. I haven’t looked back over my writings, but one I do remember with clarity was when I wrote a two part series on Taking the Shot for a friend of mine to help improve his shooting skills.

  When I was a postman carrying the mail, once in awhile I would meet a customer, and I would tell him about truthful events where the Holy Spirit had worked a healing or salvation in people’s lives. Several times they would want to hear more, and come under conviction and desire to know Jesus as their Saviour. On one occasion a man was healed while I told him about these different events. Each time this happened, it just gave me a new event or happening to share with other people along the way.

   It’s kind of like Johnny Appleseed who went along planting seed, hoping along the way a tree would grow to live. It’s the same with people. I just keep going along planting seeds hoping and praying that a new life would spring forth from the old.

   Take time for your children or grandchildren and rehearse one of your stories, and I bet they will come back for more. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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  1. Rob Keister says:

    Like it! Rob K

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