The Masters

You know, life takes a lot of twists and turns. From the time of being a baby to manhood, I’ve watched my family do things and I tried to copy them, doing what they did but maybe not quite as good.  I saw sports figures do their thing at track, to just about every sport played in our country. Throw in hunting, tracking, to shooting weapons.

   I have endeavored to be the best I could be in all these things. To be honest, somethings I did were probably fair, other things good, and possibly very good at one or two things. To be clear about it all, looking back, was never a master at anything. Never put too much credence in the accolades aimed at you. We like to think of what is good or best. The standard, we think is the right one may actually be too small, but on the other hand could be too great. I don’t believe we will ever find a master at anything on this earth. I have found only one master who is perfect in all that He did and his name is Jesus. Let’s turn our lives over to Him and let Him be the one true master of our hearts. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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One Response to The Masters

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I believe in the Master too.! RK

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