A Drink

It seemed like yesterday that I was a small boy running and playing around the neighborhood. Summer days, as usual, were hot and humid. Although we wouldn’t admit it, we were thirsty. Back in the day if we got real thirsty, we would go up and knock on a door in the neighborhood and ask for a drink. Many times we had to rely on an old rubber water hose. Yuk! Even just thinking about it, you can still taste the hot rubbery liquid.

  I’ve taken many a drink where the water was tepid. Other times while hunting we would drink from a spring where the water was cool. The best drink I remember was in Pocahontas county, way back in a hollow, where a small creek flowed freely in the shade of the mountain. The water was so sweet, but you couldn’t take a long drink because it was very cold and would practically freeze your teeth.

  I’ve also drunk from a cup that was pure joy, but also have tasted a cup of sorrows more than once. I’ve tasted from the cup of good friendship. The best cup I have enjoyed is the sweet nectar of life, working and walking beside my wife. Jesus said in John 7:37, ” If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.” Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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