Heading out early, it looks like it’s going to be a nice clear day. Pulling on to the parking lot of a local grade school, I got my trusty metal detector out of my car trunk. As I move onto the grounds swinging my detector, I’m looking at the fence to see where kids could climb over and where they could crawl under.

  Most kids I have noticed stand around trees or along a fence. My observation of this tells me kids want stability  and security. Moms and dads, kids say they want freedom, but most of all they want our attention, our love and hugs, but also for moms and dads to set boundaries, showing them we really care.

   There is one who shelters, feeds, comforts, and leads, forgives, and gives power to overcome in this life  and be victorious. Jesus paid the price for our sins and our freedom, and then sent His Holy Spirit to be with us. Be not afraid of this wonderful friend, and please, let’s not be divided over the third person of the trinity. He can do more in seconds than we could ever do in a thousand lifetimes. Everyday our children learn from watching us. Teach us, Holy Spirit, how to be better parents. Help us to pray for and with our children and everyday to place a blessing on them.

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