The Path

 I’ve walked many miles on forest paths and some places where there were no paths. Those places where the going got tough. The good path had no big branches or rocks that would cause me to stumble or fall. There were no problems, because the DNR sends work crews out to make the way clear for those who will walk those paths.

   Husbands and wives have similar situations in their lives, at least my wife and I did. Our kids are grown and have their own families now, and I hope we showed them how to live and were an example for them and their children. Our children were always watching, hearing and doing whatever mom and dad did. We’ve tried to be a good example and not put stumbling blocks on their path through life. I’m sure we failed many times, but through prayer, I know God helped us in all the good or bad times. May God grant you the wisdom and understanding to help your children through the pressures of life. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

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One Response to The Path

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Amen Geno!

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