This has  been a great day. My wife and I had the whole day to ourselves. We took in a Disney movie and drove down to Olive Garden and shared a meal together. It was late in the day when we arrived home and I had to go to the store for milk. Well, someone has to do it, and since I’m the chief gofer in our home, I was elected. Don’t laugh guys, you all know you are in the same boat as I. “Honey, since I’m going to the store, I think I’ll go up to the backwater and see what’s moving in the woods.” I didn’t have time for a walk, so I just pulled the car real close to the trees and sat there watching to see what was stirring.

   Sitting there, I began to think of people who have passed through my life and the influence they had on me. Everyone from my dad, to coaches, platoon sargent had left a mark on my life. After my walk with Christ began, a whole new group of people began to pass through my mind. Preachers, prayer partners, and especially God’s intercessors. Many lessons were engraved upon my heart and mind that will be with me forever. One by one they are going on to glory, and I wonder who will come forth to fill their empty positions. Who will lead a Godly life to pray for the people, church  and the nations? Who will have a heart for God and take up the cause of Christ, finding the prayer closet more desirable than an easy chair? The day is far spent and time is short. Let’s make the most of what time w have left. What we have learned from others and most of all from the Holy Spirit. Let’s pass on to others, so that the closet of prayer will never be empty. All of us are just passing through, so let’s make the most of what time we have. Be Blessed when you answer the call.

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One Response to Passing

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Amen, you and Janice are some of my best positive influences. Thanks! Rob K

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