The Boulder

I left the interstate, turning right onto a narrow secondary. After traveling about two miles I turned onto a one lane dirt road filled with small to even larger rocks. Traversing over these rocks slowly, I was thinking about my friend who was waiting for me – a young man who took the word of God seriously and who could quote verses and chapters word for word. Finally after getting past the larger rocks the going got easier, and I could see the white two story home up ahead. Pulling around the side of the house, I was amazed at the flat open land that rose gently up to a mountain. A clay tennis court sat in the side yard and up towards the mountain was a small fishing pond. “Are you ready to go up into the woods?” asked my friend as he came out of the house. He told me in church about his prayer rock back in the woods.

   After crossing through the field, we found the path that took us up into the woods. He stopped and pointed out ahead to his rock. To him it was a rock, but looking at the size of it, it was actually a gigantic boulder standing just off the path. We walked around to the upper side, which made it easier to climb upon the boulder. I stood amazed for I could see all around the farm from there. We prayed upon that boulder for about an hour, the sound of our voices echoing all over the country side.

   The trip to get there and the climb was worth it all. What joy to be able to pray in that surrounding. On that boulder we stood, well above the earth and a little closer to heaven. It has been many years ago, but I still have a special place in my heart for my friend and his prayer rock that he shared with me that day so long ago. Maybe you have a special prayer spot you go to. Go there and use it often, and you may find  prayers answered and many fond memories to cherish also. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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2 Responses to The Boulder

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I do! Rob

  2. GloriB says:

    wow, WE did this today with a set of 12 yr.old twins on top of East River mountain…the foothills of the BLUERIDGE mts. where we are keeping them at their home while their parents take a much needed break…..truly gorgeous here, wish you could be with us…..this story reminded me of our trek with them today, they were amazed at how small the cars below were, and loved climbing the boulders around…safely of course.  Miss you both and pray all is well with you guys.  GOD BLESS   XOXOXOXOXOX

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