Glory of the Day

Once again the day has ended and I sit musing over what a wondrous life we have. I had risen with healing strength coursing through my body. I see the morning sun as it breaks the horizon, and hear music in the air as the birds stir in the trees. The sky is blue and I watch white puffy clouds forming in the heavens, and as God said in the beginning, “This is good.” Are you excited yet? I hope so, because this could be the best day of your life!

   Day became hot and all creatures seem to be hiding in the shadows. Traveling around with my camera, I’m still looking for something new, but not dismayed because something good can come in the last mile if we just keep looking with unbridled expectancy. I decided to drive up a dead-end road before heading home. Up ahead I saw movement on my left. I thought at first it was a black squirrel, but it’s movement was different, and it dawned on me what it was – a ferret. Boy! This is a rare sighting for our neck of the woods. Isn’t God good? He saved the best for last. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to see this beautiful creature.

   Friends, if you are having a problem, no job, or just needing some hope, don’t give up. Your help or answer is on the way. He is coming and you are not forgotten. The days of miracles are still with us, so keep looking up. Blessings and grace, may follow and even overtake you. This is the day He has made.

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2 Responses to Glory of the Day

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I believe! RK

  2. GloriB says:

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS ONE………AHHH, THOUGHT YOU SIGHTED THE ALBINO FOR A MINUTE THERE.   HOPE YOU GUYS ARE OK….OH GUESS I CAN KICK THIS OFF…caps, I mean….we are back from ten days in Texas and were so very blessed to stay with and enjoy Rogers’ cousin…with the pool out back…ahhhh, what a blessing that was, plus a birthday party with their grandkiddos, too cute and smart for words….sure had a fun time at the TEXAS state fair….BIG TEX IS JUST THAT…….BIG!!!   Corn dog anyone….the weather is terrific this time of year, lost 80’s and sunny……too flat for my taste, but pretty with lots of trees in GUN BARREL CITY where we were BAPTISTS for a Sunday Anyway, got lots of pretty pics and enjoyed friends in that town as well…picked up our in the shell pecans…so if you’re in the mood for cracking……..come on down. For this week we are in BLUEFIELD , VA caring for 12 yr.old twin girls, Rogers’ extended family, grandkids of the Baptist Preacher YORK we speak of now and again…..another birthday party yesterday for a cute 4 yr.old……we are keeping the girls in school while their parents get a week of vacation…… was too gorgeous, so I had them gallavanting around the woods near their home….on College Drive, where the golden arches are within sight…..but the house sits near woods, so feels secluded and very peaceful, as well as crunching leaves underfoot…….ahhh, right up my alley…while Roger watched his Nascar/Sprint…….I think it was….. Faith and Hope and I had a fun time outside…they are pretty sweet gals and we have watched them a week at a time since their toddler hood…and see them pretty often…. they mind really well and give hugs freely.  Love them.  So…… Will return next saturday…….then on 10/27 we will drive a widowed friend Lynda to Baton Rouge, LA… up with her sisters’ church there and hitch a cruise ship from New Orleans for a 5 day cruise to Mexico and ports nearby……whew!!  it has become a busy fall……. so prayers for safe travels are appreciated and know we miss you two ….keep on being a blessing…as we are striving to also.  HUGS.

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