The Leaf

Entering Eleanor city park yesterday and driving slowly, I was looking at the damage the recent flood had caused. It looked like a lake had been there at one time, but with the heat in the nineties the land was drying out fast. I decided to go out toward their gun club and see what was going on, and after getting to the gate I found it locked. Watching along the creek and the woods beyond, I turned around to come back out the one lane road  A bright spot back through the woods caught my attention, and I thought it may be a flower. Stopping, I cut the engine off and got my Canon sx50 out of it’s case. With fifty optical zoom, I knew I had a chance to get a good photo. I changed my settings to make the surrounding area around the flower dark. That way the flower would stand out. Focusing on what I had thought was a flower was actually a bright orange leaf. Ah, well at least I got a little practice in and that always helps. Sometimes when things look so bad, dark and gloomy, look for a light – something that gets our mind off the gloom and lets God lead our way. He is always faithful to guide us through and will lead us if we will just put our hand in His. Have a great day and in all things give thanks. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

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One Response to The Leaf

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I see you Mr. Leaf! Rk

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