The Wonder Of It All

I was driving over the hills and down through the valleys, looking at the flowers and the trees. The leaves were just beginning to change color a little, even the weeds were turning a burgundy shade. I’ve taken adults and kids on some of these drives. They all enjoyed the ride, but generally some would say it’s nice or we didn’t see anything. I have lived around the forest all my life, and it’s a big part of me. I don’t care if I drive some roads every day, each time it’s different and I stand in awe of God’s beautiful creation every time I look at it. I see His hand, His handiwork everywhere; and yes, I know the roads, mountains and valleys never change. What I come to realize is the one thing changing, and that is me. Holy Spirit, don’t ever leave me to my own devices. Let your anointing flow through me to touch one more person as you see fit. Blessings unto you all.

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