Perfect Plan

God called forth light and called it day, and it drove back the darkness. With the power of his voice day and night was created, and He put stars in the heavens, blues in the sky and green below and it became Earth. Lakes and streams were put in place. Man was created and with time wickedness did abound and became so vile, God destroyed all except those that were with Noah.

   We all know the complete story as written and will let that rest in our hearts and minds. After God replenished the Earth and restored life all over the Earth, man again rebelled against God.

   Then God created a perfect plan and that revolved around sending His son, Jesus. As Jesus lived teaching and preaching and working all manner of healing and miracles, the plan was unfolding. The more good that Jesus did, the more angry the ruling parties became. Jesus knew what they were going to do, and how He was going to die. Yet it was the only way to once again set men and women free. Jesus died and rose again on the third day. Jesus said when He was lifted up, He would draw all people to Himself. When on the cross, He said it was finished, the plan was complete and  set in motion and to this day he is still drawing all men to Himself. Now that you know  the story, would you like to accept His plan? He’s waiting for you to choose and be a part of His plan. I hope you make the right choice, and soon, because time is running out to accept His son’s offer. When time stops, it will truly be finished.

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1 Response to Perfect Plan

  1. Rob Keister says:

    It is truly finished! RK

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