The Greatest of These

 Christmas was just around the corner and my brothers and sister and I were  going through every catalog we could get our hands on. We would circle about a dozen things each and hoped we would get two or three good things we wanted. As we began to enter our teenage years things began to change in our home. Dad’s new rules were, there would be no more asking for wants. Money was lacking, so things got down to what I really needed. To kids, getting needs was not not as good as getting our wants, but dad was in charge and he ruled the house. Don’t get me wrong now, dad was always good to us. Somehow during the year, I guess dad had his eye on things and he had the pulse on what we really liked. Sure enough, come Christmas time he would get us what we needed, but to our surprise he would get us pretty much what we desired.

    As usual I was up late and God was helping me to ponder on these things I have learned, that the things we go through on earth always seem to run parallel to things in the spirit realm. In the Bible it says the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. I don’t believe there are no more wants anymore. I believe God is in the business of answering prayers spoken for needs and desires. Like a good Father, He already knows what we need and desire, and His word says he will do exceedingly and abundantly above what you can ask or think. I ask you to chew and think upon these words. Do as you see best for you and your family. If I never give you anything to think about, I wouldn’t be much of a friend. Yours always and may you always remain a blessing.

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