Stunted Growth

While sitting in my car looking and listening to the forest in front of me, I asked the Lord to show me or teach me a new thing. Two words silently rose up in my spirit, “stunted growth.” That’s all. Changing my focus, I began looking at my surroundings again, trying to find what God wanted me to see or write about, but also to pray about and perhaps at some future time to share.

     I’m sorry to say I had fallen into the trap of taking the earth and forest for granted. I saw with renewed excitement the shrunken dry weeds, stunted by rocky dry soil. My eyes moved up to see the tall trees that over shadowed a small sapling because there was no ray of sunshine to give strength to it’s weak body. Hidden among the trees was a great stony wall acting as a barrier to keep life from growing and moving forward because of the resistance it put forth.

     Are we like the seed that desires to be a tree sharing it’s fruit but can’t? Is it a dry place we find ourselves in, or is it a place where everyone is so busy doing a lot of small works that it’s hard to find a face that is glowing from being with God. You need a kind word or instruction to grow in Christ or it seems as if a rocky barrier is there that may hinder our progress to grow. Perhaps we need to look in the mirror and remember if we were that person that needed help and by God’s grace I found a friend to help us along the way. Did I hinder someone because I was too busy doing things instead of giving a helping hand to get a new soul started in the right direction. Forgive me Father if I’ve neglected a soul or didn’t take time to pray. Let’s all start over and let His light shine through us, and may His light in us make the way to Christ a little clearer. You all have been such a blessing to me and have helped me to be renewed daily in Christ. Thank you in Jesus name.

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