Resting in my easy chair, I hear my wife moving and working in the kitchen. Her cooking smells like chicken stir fry. She likes to cook different things, especially since she started watching the cooking channel. There are so many recipes to fix that she surprises me with one delicious meal after another. I may be getting a little older, but I still try to score points with my wife by telling her how great the food is, and telling the truth makes it easier to say.

   I didn’t realize God has been doing this also, only His recipe for me is only for me to digest. First a good dose of salvation, a strong dose of the Holy Spirit, love, purpose, a hunger for communion with God, all brought together and sprinkled with obedience and stirred by the power of the blood of Christ. All of it watched over as He brings up the fire to keep me moving. I sense it baking in the oven of my inner man, and trusting it gives me strength of purpose to bring God glory.

   As God works His recipe for your life, give it time to complete its baking and try not to take it out too early. We want the recipe to make people healthy, otherwise it drives people away with a bad taste in their mouth. Wait for the recipe to finish and you will see people coming back for more. When it’s ready, jump in your  food truck and take it to the streets, giving the recipe to everyone freely. Meanwhile be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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2 Responses to Recipes

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Mmmm Good! RK

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