What was I to do? I thought I’d done some stupid things before, but this ranked right at the top. I was with a friend out in the country, and there were some friends he wanted me to meet. I was staring at an old swinging foot bridge we were about to cross. You know, the kind that has a board missing ever so often. Going across was bad enough, but I was already thinking about the walk back over that bridge.

   Ever since then, I’ve hated foot bridges and declared, never again would I do that. One other time I walked across a bridge and had to do it my myself. I crossed from sin to salvation, and declared I would never go back that way again. I had nothing before on the other side, but since crossing over, I’ve gained a wife, children, grandchildren, and a church family. One grandson, he’s eleven. We watched Fiddler On the Roof one day and he kind of liked it. So once in a while I’d burst into singing, “If I were  rich man.” I would say to him, “I am a rich man,” and he would say, “You are a rich man.” Yes I am, and now, my friend, are you a rich person? Not money rich, because that can come and go so quickly, but you can be rich with love, family, peace and joy. Cross that same bridge I came across, and when you do, burn that old bridge and declare, I’m not going back. This is the path to blessings everyday. Take it and see where it leads. Be Blessed on your journey, and leave a blessing whereever you go. See you down the road my friend!

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