The Miracle

There was no room in the inn, the only place left was one straw manger.

The King of Glory was born in a stable, to the world He was still a stranger.

 No trumpet was sounded, no praise was given for this small child,

Who rested so quietly in His mother’s arms, so meek and mild.

Three wise men were stirred in their spirit to travel so far.

They knew a king had been born, so they followed His star

Wise men and shepherds came to the stable to worship this child

Who one day would lay down His life for the sins of world.

Knowing what would happen to Him, lying in a manger with eyes opened wide, lie as a babe so meek and mild.

A miracle was born, and the world and all generations to follow was changed forever.

Bow and give thanks, this is what Christmas is all about.

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