The Greatest Weapon Ever Formed

Before anything ever existed, there has always been God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. When God spoke, the void heard, and light exploded forth, and God’s plan was set in motion. His plan encompasses the past, present and the future; and only God knows the beginning and the end. He created the heavens and the Earth with His word, but His finest work was accomplished by His own hands. I believe God knelt down, and with His own hands began to form man from the dust into His own image.

   He looked upon the dust form He created, chose not to speak, but leaned over and breathed into it and man came to life. This simple form of man was to rise up and be God’s greatest weapon, not against people who would populate Earth, but against principalities and powers of the air.

   God’s men are still walking for Him, seeking whosoever is willing to follow Christ. Each man carrying in himself the person of the Holy Spirit, and this is what makes man the greatest weapon  ever formed. Under the authority and the anointing of God’s Spirit there are no limits on His power. Jesus said the things that I do, even greater things you will do. All things are possible to God’s people. Only believe and be blessed. Amen!

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