Dreams, Daydreams, and Ramblings

Many a day as a child playing in the woods, I would stop and just sit with my back against a tree trunk. I enjoyed watching the animals, listening to the birds, or just letting my mind wander and daydream. Ever since childhood my dream was to be a baseball pitcher in the big leagues, until I injured my left arm. It did not bother me like I thought it would, so I just changed course and kept moving forward. Once in a while I would still daydream, which is typical of all boys and girls, and sometimes a daydream can get a person to their true position in life.

  There were times when playing on the school grounds during the summer, I would watch older boys interacting with girls. This made me think about when I would get married in the future. During those times, I knew what kind of girl I wanted to marry. In those moments I would say to God, “Lord, when it’s my time to get married, I’d like for you to give me a real good Christian girl.” In the meantime I spent most of my time in the woods.  God was using those quiet alone times, preparing me for a ministry.

  I have always been happy and contented alone in the woods, but this new walk with Christ’s Holy Spirit has given me a joy and contentment beyond any dream I could imagine. As I took these long walks in the woods, mom would tell her friends that I would never get married unless I found a girl behind a tree. Well, this time she was wrong. God gave me the girl of my dreams, not in the forest, but in the post office where I was working. I’ll quit my ramblings now, and you all have a blessed day.

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