The Target

What do you see as you have your weapon tucked into your shoulder. Is it the target, then the sight; or is it the sight, then the target? Have you become the rifle, or have you become the bullet? The first takes you off the target, the second goes to the center and the prize. Is your eye locked on the iron sight or cross hairs on the scope? Then take a  relaxed breath, send the bullet down range having confidence that every calculation is taking you to the center mass or bull.

   Everything above will help lead and keep you through the whole course and will help you to finish well. There was one word that was left out of the first paragraph, if allowed, would have ruined your whole set up for the shot. The word is “distraction”, a simple word, but in this case, most harmful.

   In the spirit our weapon is the word of God. His wisdom and understanding gives us the knowledge so we can keep our focus on the prize or the finish line to reach our goal in Christ Jesus. As in shooting, if we keep ourselves centered on Jesus, instead of the distractions of this world, we will  by God’s grace prayerfully, remain in focus. As a good shooter practices and uses the tools he has at his disposal  (the bible, the gifts, and our greatest asset, the Holy Spirit) it will keep us focused and lead us to the prize which is  Jesus. The prizes we attain through shooting, or any other sport, are only temporary. They will rust and fall apart or be forgotten. The things we gain which are spiritual are laid up in heaven, where rust and mold cannot enter. Our deeds on this earth are recorded in heaven, but seeing Jesus is, and will be, worth it all. Practice, practice, practice, my friends, that we may attain the high calling that is in Christ Jesus.

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