Three Gifts

The three wise men came and knelt down before the baby Jesus, who lay at rest in the manger. They humbly brought their gifts one by one, not fully realizing they were giving gifts to the gift. A gift given to all man kind to accept, believe and receive. All life, joy, sorrow, healing, miracles, and most of all, love and eternal life, from a babe wrapped in cloth. A babe and yet the king of kings, and lord of lords, all measure of time and eternity, in this one small child, the perfect gift from God with love. He eventually paid the ultimate price, dying on a cross that you and I could live to accept Him, this precious gift.

  So today give Jesus the gift He has always wanted from everyone, and that is your heart. When you give your heart, you give yourself completely. He will receive you and  all of heaven rejoices over the decision you just made. This may be your season of blessing and new life. I send you this truth wrapped up in love. Freely given, freely receive.

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