History of Man

Tonight I’ve been reading a little bit about Admiral Nimitz who lived a remarkable life of service, a man who made a mistake that got him a reprimand, recovered from it and earned a spot in naval history.                                                          There are millions of people who have gone to the grave, and all people see is a name and date etched in stone. We don’t know their life history, their mom and dad, siblings or family. There are remarkable stories in graveyards of people, rich and poor, young and old, who still leave vivid memories in the hearts of many people who knew them.   We, the living, can only look back at the past and remember some words we spoke and some words we never had a chance to speak. We can’t linger in the past or look ahead at tomorrow. If we do, we could miss the beauty and value that this day has to give us.

  Let’s live life to the fullest, taking each moment as if was the last one we will ever have. May we love everyone, forgiving always, weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those that rejoice.  A space of grace will help everyone in this life, and if one falters, stop and pick them up, and make each step forward worth the journey. Through Christ, we can help everyone be a winner. Be the best blessing you can be, touching one person at a time. Blessings


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