The Coming

The world had no idea who was coming or when.                     He walked on the seashore with a long easy stride,                   Looking for a few good men to walk by His side.                    He saw two men working on a boat, and said “Follow me,”  Finding twelve good men who would do as He said.                They found peace, love and joy going wherever He led.         In awe they watched Him do miracles wherever they went.   The miracles that I do, you will do also, if you only trust me If you move by faith and not by sight,  and only believe.         Be my hands, my eyes, my voice and  then tell my story.   Will you stand, will you stay? Will you turn to run away?      Lord where would I go? Only you cared to teach me to pray.  When I heard your voice calling me I came, and you saved.  Be blessed.


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