Good and Best

Sometimes it’s hard to choose what is best because in most things good is the choice. Over many years of choosing good, we settle for less in most everything, and that attitude is easy but it can make us lazy and we quit striving for the best.

   In spiritual matters if we choose what is easy,  a salvation chosen this way can be destructive. Going to church is always good and church activities are good things. What is best? The best way is an entirely different path than the one called good. The good path is flat and clear and hardly takes any work and there are easy pickings along this path. Now the best path takes  a great deal of effort and sometimes gets very steep, and we have to press hard climbing upwards. The pressing upwards takes work and is slow going, but the slow way usually helps us to make better choices. There are a few things we can get along this trail, and a couple are wisdom and understanding,. These two can make the journey a lot better.

   We are given a measure of faith to work with, and it needs to be exercised a lot on this upward journey. The more it’s used, the stronger it grows. Steep inclines on this journey make it probably the hardest of all, and these inclines are called the trust inclines. Trust does not come easily, nor is it given easily. So these inclines can become very slippery. Going up the trust part, we gain three or four steps upwards and feel good about gaining ground, only to slip back two. We use every tool we have to gain a few steps, and when we slip back it is a humbling experience.

   Once we gain trust, the path gets easier and the load we carry seems to get lighter. Which will it be my friends? What choice will you make, good or best? Life is full of choices, but this one could be the biggest one you will ever make. Pray earnestly, and remember, no mountain is to high when God is walking with you.

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One Response to Good and Best

  1. Rob Keister says:

    The best is always better.

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