Bed Time Habits

Sitting in my easy chair late last night, I happened to glance across the room and saw one of my shirts hanging on the back of a chair. The Holy Spirit reminded me in His word to cleanse myself and put on clean garments.

   I remember as a young boy, mom telling me to take a bath and do all that good hygiene stuff before going to bed. Sometimes after playing hard all day, you felt like just  going to sleep. What’s it going to hurt just missing a bath once in a while.

  Well, God doesn’t want us to get lazy and sloppy in our spiritual habits. I know sometimes during the day we say, do, or think the wrong thing and maybe hurt someone. God knows, so we might as well lay it all out before Him, ask forgiveness and make things right. It’s a whole lot easier to get some sleep, knowing that you are clear and clean before the Lord.

  So let’s start  off the new year right, and before going to bed let’s shuck off our dirty garments, physical and spiritual, and try to stay clean before our heavenly Father. Yeah, I know I’ve gone to meddling a little bit, but that’s what happens when you get a little older. So on that note, I’m going to stop right here and get some shut eye. Stay blessed.

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One Response to Bed Time Habits

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Clean hands, pure heart.

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