The Unknown Entry

Getting out of our car, we made our way across the church parking lot. It is a beautiful Sunday morning and the greeters were at the front door to greet members and visitors alike. This arena of life is played out all across America with people wanting to be with friends and to hear their pastor speak the word of God.

  This makes up a big part of life, and it’s a community of believers that draws everyone to church. God’s spirit has come to pay a visit.  He does it every week and sometimes He is welcomed, but knows He is not accepted by everyone. Some, like Thomas in the bible, have to see to believe; but others simply believe because they have made the time to pray a part of their daily life. He walks through the pews listening and visits the class rooms, listening to the chatter and to see if these people are really serious about their walk in Christ.

  Sundays are usually the same as Wednesday, a short prayer beginning and one prayer ending. The Spirit goes throughout the churches every week looking as God did in the old testament to find one or two that want a deeper life, willing to pray and intercede no matter the cost.

  Every nation is in confusion with people suffering even unto death. Are you the one who will pray for the people and say yes Lord, I will give all to intercede for the nations? You can make Sunday’s different in your church by persistent praying. You can help your pastor become greater for God in and out of the pulpit, even add years to his life by praying daily for him. This is church in America today, and the world is pressing in. Your prayers are needed. Do you love the people and your pastor? Then show them you care by praying fervently for them. You need no reward, only that your God is pleased.

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