My Dream

I’ve never met any of you, except perhaps we may have a kindred spirit through Jesus Christ. My dream, my desire in life is to be yielded completely to my Lord and to lift Him up. I believe His word and His promises. He says, “When I am lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me.” When God said “Write,” I began to write. Clumsy it may be, but my obedience is more important than how perfect I attempt to be. If I’ve insulted anyone, I’m sorry. My writing is to encourage, uplift, to challenge, to bring hope, and introduce Christ to all. What God has done in my life, He can do in yours and perhaps even more.  I have endeavored to write only what He says or reveals, teaching me through nature or other circumstances of life. Pray that I’ll stay close to my best friend, the Holy Spirit. May we meet again this side of heaven. Until then, be blessed.

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One Response to My Dream

  1. Rob Keister says:

    I am lifted up by you and Jesus!

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