Training to Know Who I Am

I never realized when I was born that I couldn’t walk, talk, or play. The best part of all was having two people, I later found out were my parents. I first thought I was a toy of some sort. Everyday they would roll me on the floor, hand me back and forth and throw me up in the air. I made it through those traumatic first two  or three years before they found a new game of throwing a ball at me, which usually bounced off my head most of the time.

I hoped it would get easier when I found out they were called mom and dad, and they called me Eugene. About that time they found different ways they could use me, like washing dishes, taking out the trash or going to the store. I guess I was supposed to like these new training games until they started a new exercise on me. This was the worst one of all. It was in a big building called school. It took me twelve years to learn the three “r’s” and a few social skills. I just wished they would have paid me for going all those years.

  Dad taught me about work, hunting, and going to church, which was good for the whole family. One of the best things he taught me was that if I wanted something, I had to work for it. So I worked as a paper boy, in a grocery store, wholesale house and finally landed a job at the post office. A few years later I received Christ as my Saviour, and now I can say with family and Christ, I know who I am and where I am going.  I am blessed and pray you become a blessing also.

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