The Messengers

The winds of change have come and spring is upon us and I have seen evidence of it. A couple of weeks ago, sitting on the edge of the forest, movement caught my eye to my right and above me. A grey squirrel came down the tree, stuffed leaves in his mouth and climbed the tree again, making a nest for his family to be. Small song birds have returned, singing their thanks to their Lord and maker. Eagles are on the nest, and the hawks are going through their mating courtship. Songs of  various birds fill the air. Yes, spring is here. These little messengers with their music seem to bring life to the land again.

   If the little birds sing their songs of joy and hope to people in times of great turmoil, can we do no less? With the Holy Spirit and His anointing we have a song in our hearts, a smile of love for people and a word of hope. We are the messengers of the resurrected Christ. It is time for the church and God’s people to rejoice. Jesus said,”When I am lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me.” Watch and pray with all prayers. Be Blessed.

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