Before we were brought into this world, preparation was made for this event. From childhood we have been in the school of preparation. It is an act we carry out everyday, from putting on clothes, preparing to eat or getting ready for school. At one time or another we have rebelled on one or all of these tasks. Over time we have learned to get along with preparing for different parts of life, realizing it does have benefits.

   By this time in our lives we have learned that the act of preparing takes at least three things. First it starts in the mind, then the heart, then the will or purpose to accomplish the task hopefully with joy. Now about this time I try to ask a question that involves the inner man. Throughout the week, do we try to read the bible, pray and attempt to maintain a victorious attitude? In so doing, it will carry into church with an attitude of worship, acknowledging that we come clothed in body and spirit, prepared to meet our God and honor Him with our praise and worship.                                                                                              All of our lives have pointed us in this direction and by His Holy Spirit, is preparing all of God’s children for departure from this world. He is ready, are we?








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