The score is finished and everything is in place. The maestro stands confident and ready, as He has done many times before. The movement is now seconds away, the baton is lifted and at the precise movement of his hand the brightness of the sun bursts over the horizon. Spreading across the heavens, the light kisses the mountain peaks, moving quickly across the land and over the silky flow of the ocean waters. The waters sound like clashing cymbals as they smash upon the shore.                                                                             Seagulls,  sea eagles, and other birds constantly fly up and down the ocean, their voices announcing the new day. Sunlight moves inland awakening loons as they add their haunting musical call to those of many small birds singing in chorus. The maestro’s baton waves and moves the sun, and all creation, moves in rhythm to the choreographed score.                                                                                        The trees move  with the wind, sounding like a rushing train, leaves clap their hands, tree limbs brush against each other making music like violin and cello sounds. The bugle of the elk echos over mountain and valley, the streams melodious movement over rocks sound like a piano playing a concerto. The earth is alive with the sound of music. Once again the maestro waves His hand over the flat plains of the western lands, the wheat fields respond to the unseen hand give a rustling sound of a soft amen before darkness once again covers the land as a blanket.                                                                                           Even as the curtain comes down over this philharmonic musical blend of nature’s orchestrated wonder we all give our applause and thanksgiving to our Saviour, who even now is preparing a new score for tomorrow. Let us all prepare our heart’s songs to take our place in this symphony of life. Be Blessed


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