How Does Your Garden Grow

My wife and I, like thousands of other young couples, when we first got married, would talk about having children. As we go forward and the seed is planted, young couples wait with joyful anticipation, wait for the birth of their first born. Looking back, it would have been nice if the hospital had handed out baby manuals. By God’s grace we did fairly well, and He has kept His hand upon them.                                                         I have to ask the question, how is your garden growing? That little sprout that the doctor laid in your arms, have you prepared a straight path for the child. You know, kind of nudge him in the right direction, sprinkle with words of wisdom, and encouragement, covered with a lot of warm love.                                                             I know we have to make time for them, and that we don”t get to busy with our own lives. That the weeds of discontent, doubt or just growing pains, we need to be there when they need someone to talk to. The winds of time sure has away of trying to push them of course. It takes a lot of prayer to keep our home garden growing, and home prayer is the one foundation our children need.



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