I’ve spoken many times about the forest, about being silent, walking softly and tracking game. These are all wonderful attributes, living and moving in the natural realm.                                                                                              A far more important aspect of life, one that should be considered, is the footprint we leave behind for others to follow that come after us. Are we setting a good path, mind set, habit and especially memories for others to follow? Have our lives inspired children and adults alike, to carry on the calling and purpose, to help build the moral fiber for this world today? We must continue being consistent in whatever place or calling God has given, because there is always someone watching or already stepping in our footprints. May others follow us as we follow Christ, for He is our light, and steps that He took, we must follow also. Be Blessed and make clear footprints, so there are no mistakes for those who follow.

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2 Responses to Footprints

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Good my brother!

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