Why did they mock Jesus when He healed the lame man? Why were they jealous of Jesus when He gave sight to the blind man? Why hate Him when He forgave a woman caught in sin? Every act He performed was out of love. Did they not realize that mocking led to jealousy, then to hatred? They never realized each step they took was turning their heart dark with evil. Their final act of desperation put Him on the cross to be slain in a cruel manner no man deserved.

  No one realized as He hung on the cross, He was completing the plan of God, as He said, “It’s finished.” When Jesus was baptized, God spoke out of heaven and said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” Those gathered there at the cross, when He said, “It’s finished,” they now knew who He was.

Have we allowed our mocking and our jealousy to turn our hearts toward hatred? We still have time to ask forgiveness. God loves us and will forgive us when we ask Him. Life is worth living. He’s given us the opportunity to have a clean heart and a new beginning. Take it! Hold on to it! The best is still ahead, and be blessed.

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  1. Rob Keister says:

    Good Geno! RK

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