Never Defeated

I am once again in the forested park, always stepping lightly over the earth I so love. “Lord, I see the trees  and the look of spring, but help me to see what you see.” I glanced down and there were the signs, not the imprint of the deer, but the ground itself. The ground had been harden by wind and the burning sun, and now with winter’s grip broken from the land, it still, like the sun, left its mark.

  Limbs from these magnificent trees lay strewn about, broken off by the fierce winds of winter. Rivulets of water make little scars upon the land as dirt gives way to the running water. Will the land recover? Yes, it will. Through many centuries the land has been beaten down by sun, rain and snow; and now faces its greatest test, the influx of man trying to create what he thinks is best for the land. Will man conquer the land? No, he will also lose his battle with the land, just the same as all the stormy elements did. Each of these have in their season a struggle with the land, always withdrawing in defeat.

As all the elements of nature have tried to win control of the land for itself, so likewise does man, as in his human nature, he also desires to control the land, nations, and his fellow man. We as a people must learn one important truth. What God has made, no man can control or put asunder. The problem, my friends, is that we will never have the peace that God intended for us to have as long as pride rules our lives. Let God rule  our lives. Only then will we begin to find the answers for our lives. The blessings of life are there in Christ alone. Beloved, Christ be with you all.

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