Thank you, pain, for coming back to visit. I know you are only allowed to stay for a short time, but I can try to make the most of it. Your pain keeps me grounded, so I am able to identify with the sorrows and pain of others who are suffering in this world. This is the first time ever in  using a cane, and it’s a humbling experience for me. I know it keeps me ever looking to Jesus. He is and always will be my hope and support. His love and mercy are always my help in time of need, and they help me to stand, and keep standing until healing once again pushes pain out of my body.                                           My friends, I realize many of you are going through mental, spiritual or physical situations, possibly far greater than mine. Please be encouraged. God knows where you are, what situations you face. Just hold on. He is on the way to your house as He is to mine. He has blessed me with the opportunity to carry a little pain, so I can pray for your needs and your healing. Believe with me! The healer is coming. Give Him your prayers and your thanksgivings, and when He knocks on your heart’s door, receive Him with joy. You will be blessed beyond measure.


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One Response to Pain

  1. GloriB says:

    SO humbling and encouraging……bless you my friend…..hugs to you both; we need to meet and eat sometime…

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